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You are here because you heard about our wholesale distribution of the evuro brands of dog leashes and consumer gears. Perhaps you are just curious about Maximus and Seneca Global llc.

Maximus-Seneca, first of my name; I am the president and founder. I am the dreamer, the designer and the producer of such novel ideas. I lead a global team to make it all possible for our valued end users.

I lead a global team that do innovation for simple devices that makes the human condition thrive better. Example the redefining of the dog leashes’ function and purpose in dog walking. Our EVUROECOLEASH brand, or the floater shoes that allow humans to balance and walk short distances on shallow waters (in development).
Let curiosity move you as you follow the continuous light into the quality of life we seek while on our dear planet.
The dolphin circling the global blue oceans (corporate logo found at, our mission of globalization and quality influence allow for gracefully swimming in high currents to deliver our promises beyond the lab.We appreciate the opportunity to discuss our services with you. We will direct your inquiry to the appropriate expert, and they will respond to you within 3 to 5 business days.

MSGLLC, Nurture and be nurtured.

Maximus Seneca

President/ Ceo

Maximus and Seneca Global Llc