Residential and commercial pet waste management

EVURO.CLUB For the pet friendly residential management. We install tools such as artificial turf, IoT capability trashcan just for dog waste on your premises and hotel yard. If you are in commercial real estate and residential properties, visit evuro.club to learn about the partnership through collaboration to find out what EVURO Inc corporations has in stock to meet your aesthetics. Customization always make our juices flow because no residential archetypes are the same.


Software for connecting dog walkers and pet parents

EVURODOGWALK iO Look for this on Android APP store and iPhone to book your EVURO dog walking talent, locally. Combined wiith the evuroecoleash hardware, this software makes it easy for anyone to easily walk a dog of their liking. Professional gig ondemand walkers can upgrade their heardware EVURO device with IoT capabilities to alert them instantaneously when they’re booked by a dog parent on the EVURODOGWALK iO. Visit EVURODOGWALK.io for more details


Hardware gears exclusively for serious dogwalkers

EVUROECOLEASH.US This division of evurodog ™ is the exclusive launch pad for the evuroecoleash brand of dog walking apparel. These include the Omaxy, Dogpaw, CUDJOPAW, V-84, the cool BaDu55 and the Pledge78 grooming tech.


A collection of International pet care gears in one place

EVUROPETS.COM This is ecommerce store; a division of evurodog ™ that scout many vendors aro9the globe to bring you, the pet owner, cool gears: addition to aquarium, bird cage, dog bed, cat scratches etc, to make your pet ownership joyous. Some small food packets may appear in limited quantities.